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Rules & Practice Directives

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Rules & Practice Directives

Court of King’s Bench


The Rules of Court govern the practices and procedures to be followed in matters that are brought before the Court. Compliance with the Rules is mandatory and it is the responsibility of lawyers or persons who represent themselves in court proceedings to know and comply with the rules that may apply to their proceeding.

Failure to comply can result in unnecessary delay and expense. It could also result in a significant disadvantage or loss in a person’s ability to pursue a claim, appeal or defence.

The Rules of Court, published in the Saskatchewan Gazette and on the Publications Saskatchewan website, comprise the following parts:

King’s Bench Rules / Regles de la Cour du Banc du Roi
 – Amendments / Modifications
King’s Bench Forms / Cour du Banc du Roi Formulaires
 – King’s Bench Forms (editable) /
King’s Bench Criminal Proceedings /
Tariff of Costs / Tarif des Depens

Court Protocols

Practice Directives

From time to time the Court publishes Practice Directives to supplement and provide greater direction on particular processes.

Criminal Practice Directives (CRIM-PD)

CRIM-PD 1 Criminal Pre-Trial Conferences / Conférences préparatoires aux procès criminels
CRIM-PD 2 Access to Jury Lists and Juror Information (Form A) (Form B) (Form C) (Form D) (Form E) / Accès aux listes des jurés et aux renseignements sur les jurés (Formulaire A) (Formulaire B) (Formulaire C) (Formulaire D) (Formulaire E)
CRIM-PD 3 Safe Handling of Admissible Large or Sensitive Exhibits / Manipulation securitaire de pieces admissibles volumineuses ou de nature delicate
CRIM-PD 4 Obtaining a Subpoena for a Criminal Trial 
CRIM-PD 5 Retention and Release of Criminal Exhibits / Retention et remise des pieces presentees dans le cadre de proces criminels
CRIM-PD 6 Summary Conviction or Absolute Jurisdiction Offences / Infraction punissable par voie de declaration sommaire de culpabilite ou infraction relevant d’une juridiction absolue
CRIM-PD 7 Court Recording of Proceedings – Request for Copy (Form A) (Form B) (Form C) / Enregistrement d’une instance – demande de copie (Formulaire A) (Formulaire B) (Formulaire C)
CRIM-PD 8 Section 525 Detention Reviews (Form A) (Form B) (Form C) (Form D) (Detention Review Info Sheet – Adults) (Detention Review Info Sheet – Youth) / Examen de la détention en vertu de l’article 525 (Formulaire A) (Formulaire B) (Formulaire C) (Formulaire D) (Informations sur l’examen de la detention feuille – Adultes) (Informations sur l’examen de la detention feuille – Jeunes)
CRIM-PD 9 Obtaining an Order for Attendance of a Prisoner – Production Order /
CRIM-PD 10 Initial Judicial Interim Release / Mise en liberté provisoire initiale par voie judiciaire
CRIM-PD 11 Procedure for Informing Participants of Their Right to Counsel / Procédure pour informer les participants de leur droit à l’assistance d’un avocat
CRIM-PD 12 Access To Criminal Court Records and Criminal Proceeding Exhibits (Form A) (Form B)
CRIM-PD 13 Remand Warrants

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