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Access to Court Records

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Access to Court Records

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Court offices regularly receive requests from the public, media, lawyers, and others seeking access to court records. To help manage these requests, the Courts have developed guidelines that summarize how court officials will respond to the most commonly encountered access requests.

The document Public Access to Court Records in Saskatchewan: Guidelines for the Media and the Public recognizes that public understanding, respect, and confidence in the administration of justice can be increased by facilitating media and public access to court records.

There is a wide range of requests for court records received by the courts every day. They differ in their nature and the records involved. It would be impossible to anticipate all of the types of requests. The guidelines summarize how court officials can be expected to respond to the most commonly encountered access requests.

The Access Guidelines also serve as an informative and educative tool for those wishing to better understand how the court system operates and how it implements the open-access principle. While they provide administrative direction in situations where there is no court order in place, the guidelines do not have the force of law and are subject to the decisions of individual judges and courts.

Access To Court Records

Refer to the Access Guidelines document:

When making your request for access to court records, you may be asked to complete and submit a form – Access to Court Records. This form below helps court staff understand the nature, scope, and purpose of your request. It can also be used to take your request forward to a judge, if necessary.

Access requests should be made to the court office where the matter was heard. Find a list of offices, along with their contact information, here:

Saskatchewan Coat Of Arms

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Courts Communications Officer

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Access to Court of Kings Bench Criminal Matters

Media and members of the public seeking access to criminal court records or criminal proceeding exhibits in matters heard by the Court of King’s Bench are asked to refer to this Practice Directive:

Your request may need to be reviewed by a judge, and you may be asked to complete and submit either of the below forms for approval.

Forms should be submitted to the Clerk of the Court (during the course of a trial) or to the Registry Office where the matter was heard (if the trial is complete). Find a list of offices, along with their contact information here:


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