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About the Registry

The Registry is located on the second floor of the Victoria Avenue Court House in Regina and is open from 9 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Registry staff can be contacted by phone at 306-787-5382 and by email. There is a dropbox outside the Registry door where documents may be left for filing.

The Registry is responsible for:

  • establishing and maintaining a court file for each appeal,
  • establishing and maintaining Chambers and appeal schedules,
  • receiving and filing all appeal materials, maintaining all appeal files, and distributing appeal materials to judges as required,
  • attending in court as required and keeping a record of Court proceedings,
  • keeping proper accounts of money received or dispersed, and
  • settling and signing judgments and orders in accordance with the Court of Appeal Rules.

Registry staff are not lawyers and cannot provide legal advice or calculate filing deadlines. Self-represented parties are encouraged to seek legal advice.

Filing Documents

The Court has many resources available for litigants. Before starting an appeal, we recommend that you review these documents:

The Court has an online document management and electronic filing system, eCourt, which automates many procedures and allows lawyers and litigants to register and file documents electronically, to pay fees electronically, and to search and print Court documents relating to their appeal from their computers. eCourt users must be registered and will receive an appeal-specific PIN that allows them to both file documents and to access all documents filed by other parties to the appeal.

When documents are filed electronically via eCourt, multiple paper copies often also need to be filed. If you are unsure, check with the Registry to confirm if paper copies are needed (common examples of documents that require 3 paper copies include: factums and appeal books).

Note that when filing hard copies, the Court of Appeal Rules specify how the documents must be formatted, printed, and bound. If a document submitted for filing does not comply with a mandatory rule, the Registry may:

  • where the document substantially complies with the Rules, accept the document for filing, with or without advising the party presenting the document of the deficiency,
  • accept the document for filing and note the deficiency on the face of the document,
  • accept the document for filing on conditions (for example, a judge in Chambers may be asked whether the document can be accepted for filing), or
  • reject the document.

If Registry staff reject a document, they will identify the deficiency and tell the litigant or lawyer what must be corrected for the document to be accepted for filing.


For civil appeals, the following Registrar’s fees are charged for filing documents:
Notice of Appeal
Appellant’s appeal book & factum
Formal judgment or order
Notice of motion
Filing a cross-appeal
Appointment for taxation of costs
Issuing a certificate of taxation of costs
There are no filing fees for criminal appeals.
The Registry also charges the following fees for services:
Certified copy of a document
Name search of a civil file by a non-party
Issuing a search certificate respecting a search of a civil file (in addition to the cost of the search)
Civil file inspection
Records suspension application
United States waiver application
$20 flat fee for the first file, plus $1 per file for bulk inspections
$1 per page

Payment of the applicable fee must be completed before the document will be processed or filed, and can be made by Visa, MasterCard, cash, or cheque, with payments by credit card accepted through eCourt or over the phone.

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