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Saskatchewan’s courts have launched an electronic system to provide notification to the media in the event of an application for a discretionary publication ban. The system permits interested media outlets and/or representatives to sign up via the Saskatchewan Law Courts website. Once signed up, these outlets and/or representatives will receive an email notification when an application is made for a discretionary publication ban in the Court of Appeal, the Court of Queen’s Bench or Provincial Court.

Only discretionary bans will be dealt with using this system. Mandatory publication bans will be dealt with by the presiding judge in the usual fashion. It’s expected that the notification tool will improve the media’s ability to respond to such applications in the manner they deem appropriate while fulfilling the courts’ commitment to the open, transparent administration of justice.

For more information, see the Notices to the Profession page for a general Practice Directive. For matters in the Court of Queen’s Bench, please see that Court’s General Application Practice Directive #3.

Media representatives interested in receiving the notifications must sign up on this website. At the top of the page is a space to enter a name and email address to subscribe to the alerts. Parties seeking a discretionary publication ban must complete the electronic application found on the same page. All information below the Apply for a Discretionary Publication Ban subhead must be completed. You will receive a copy of the application by email.