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The Saskatchewan Courts Education Program, which was launched in early 2003, has provided educational programming for over 1000 participants in its first year.

The Saskatchewan Courts Education Program was launched in early 2003. Students from grades 5 through 12 have been involved in a variety of educational activities, including workshops, judges’ visits to classrooms, and court watching/touring. More than 750 school students and 250 adults have participated. More than 450 students participated during the first three months of operation.

This program, coordinated by the Courts Communications Officer, aims to promote better public understanding of the court system and legal issues.

In addition, events have been held for both social science teachers and members of the media. These included presentations and Q & A sessions for the media, presentations at teacher in-services and teacher visits to the court house.

Plans for the upcoming year include expanding the program to more communities and community groups and involving more participants.