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Thomas C. Johnstone

The Honourable Thomas C. Johnstone


1907 - 1914   Justice of the Supreme Court of Saskatchewan

Thomas Cooke Johnstone was born in Brant County, Ontario in 1850. He moved to Regina in 1882 to set up his law practice. He became known as one of the best authorities on criminal practice in the West. He was one of several counsel representing Louis Riel at his trial in 1885. For many years he was Crown prosecutor for the judicial district of Assiniboia.

In 1906 he was appointed to the bench as a puisne judge of Western Assiniboia. One year later he was appointed to the Supreme Court of Saskatchewan together with Wetmore C.J.S., Newlands, Lamont and Prendergast JJ. The standard rate of pay at that time for a Supreme Court justice was $6,000.00 per annum.

Justice Johnstone remained on the bench until illness forced his retirement in 1914. Johnstone died in Los Angeles, in his retirement home, three years later.

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