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Classroom & Community Visits

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Judges from the Court of Appeal, the Court of Queen’s Bench and the Provincial Court are available to talk to classes and other groups in the community about the role of the courts in Canada’s justice system from the “hands on” perspective of a judge.

Elementary and High Schools

Judges will share the day-to-day realities of being a judge and the often-difficult decisions judges must make. During a typical one-hour visit (shorter visits can be arranged), the following topics will be covered:

  • The duties of a judge
  • The role of the courts
  • The courts’ relationship to other parts of the justice system, including law enforcement and prosecutions
  • How the courts develop and apply our laws
  • The courts as the third branch of government 

Judges will also answer questions from students.

Post-Secondary Classes

Judges are available to visit university classes. In addition to covering many of the topics described above, judges may, upon request, also discuss important cases that form part of the course material.

The only limitation is that judges cannot discuss issues relating to a case that is, or may in the future be, before the court.

Community Speaking Engagements

Judges are available to speak to interested community groups on the topics listed above.

More Information

For more information, or to schedule a visit from a judge, contact:

Dawn Blaus
Courts Communications Officer
(306) 787-9602