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Provincial Court deals with a variety of legal matters. They are generally grouped as follows:

Adult Criminal Court
Includes charges under the Criminal Code of Canada and The Controlled Drug and Substances Act. Deals with first appearances on all criminal matters.

Family Services Court
Deals with child protection hearings initiated by the Ministry of Social Services. (In Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert, child protection matters are handled by the Court of Queen's Bench.)

Municipal (Bylaw) Court
In Regina and Saskatoon, deals with violations under city bylaws, including parking tickets, noise infractions and domestic animal violations. In other court locations, bylaw matters are combined with regular court matters.

Youth Justice
Deals with young people between the ages of 12 and 17 years who are charged with committing a criminal offence under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Civil - Small Claims Court
Deals with legal disputes of $30,000 or less. Often includes claims for debts or damages, recovery of personal property and consumer complaints.

Traffic Court
In Regina and Saskatoon, deals with traffic offences, including speeding and other moving (and non-moving) violations. Also deals with offences under provincial statutes, including liquor and wildlife violations. Traffic Court does not handle parking tickets. In other court locations, traffic matters are combined with regular court matters.