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Clerkship Positions

Each year the Provincial Court of Saskatchewan selects two law students to participate in its 12-month clerkship program. One law clerk is based in Regina, the other in Saskatoon. Both have the opportunity to work with all judges of the Court.

Working as a law clerk offers the unique experience of being part of the judicial process at the start of your legal career. Clerking with the Provincial Court provides the law school graduate with a broad exposure to criminal and civil law practice.

Period of Employment

June 1, 2021, to May 31, 2022

Place of Work

Saskatoon position — The Provincial Court House, 220 - 19th Street East, Saskatoon, SK
Regina position — The Provincial Court House, 4th floor, 1815 Smith Street, Regina, SK

Professional Benefits

  • Introduction to practice before the Court in a broad range of criminal and civil law areas
  • Introduction to criminal and civil trials, pre-trial case management, Charter applications, pre-trial motions, voir dires, preliminary hearings, sentencing circles, and therapeutic courts
  • The opportunity to gain valuable insights into what makes for effective courtroom advocacy (oral and written): law clerks are in the unique position to informally discuss a proceeding and the materials filed in support with the sitting judge
  • The opportunity to develop excellent analytical, research, and legal writing skills with the guidance of judicial mentorship, enhanced by the insights gained from the clerkship experience
  • The opportunity to work closely with all judges; to work closely with a sitting judge on one case from beginning to end; and to experience being on circuit with the Court
  • Practical experience gained from a two-month placement at a law firm, Saskatchewan Justice, Saskatchewan Legal Aid, or a combination of any two of them, during the clerkship term
  • Fully computerized office with access to legal information services, including Advance Quicklaw and WestlawNext Canada

Financial Benefits

  • Salary: $4,117.00 per month, and 6% holiday pay in lieu of annual holidays
  • 12 scheduled days off (SDOs) during the period of employment, which can be used at any time during the year, subject to approval
  • Hours of work, leave of absence, etc. are governed by public service regulations that apply to term employees
  • Reimbursement pursuant to government policy for travel and accommodation authorized by the Chief Judge
  • Reimbursement of Law Society application fee for articles of clerkship and of Canadian Bar Association membership fee
  • Time off with pay during attendance at the Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLED) Bar Admission Program (Saskatchewan)
  • Payment of CPLED program fees ($2,450 for registration plus $225 for written materials)
  • Payment of a $300 allowance for legal education and participation in Law Society, Canadian Bar Association and Continuing Legal Education events approved by the Chief Judge
  • Flexible benefit of more than $800 to offset fees associated with fitness activities or counselling, financial advice or payment of student loans

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted no later than April 22, 2020, and include:

  1. A curriculum vitae
  2. Official transcript of all post-secondary marks
  3. Sample legal research paper
  4. Three letters of reference

Applications and letters of reference may be sent by email to the email address below. Interviews will be conducted by phone or video this year.

Review of applications will begin April 23, 2020.

Applications and requests for more information should be sent to:

Associate Chief Judge M. Beaton
Provincial Court of Saskatchewan
4th Floor - 1815 Smith Street
Regina, Saskatchewan   S4P 2N5
Tel: (306) 787-3994
Fax: (306) 787-3933
Email: lmcneill@skprovcourt.ca

Offer of Employment

Any offer of employment will be subject to the candidate successfully undergoing a criminal record check and graduating from a recognized College of Law before June 1, 2021.