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Transcript Services (a branch of Court Services Division) is responsible for preparing transcripts of court proceedings heard in all Provincial Courts (including Small Claims Court, Bylaw Court and Traffic Safety Court) and Queen's Bench Courts in Saskatchewan.

Transcripts are prepared upon request only. A fee of $3.00 per page, plus G.S.T is charged. A deposit is required before a transcript will be prepared. If a transcript is required on an expedited basis (within 19 business days), the cost increases up to $7.50 per page, plus G.S.T. Please refer to the transcript order form below for the itemized costs for an expedited transcript.

Persons interested in obtaining transcripts (including those required for appeal purposes or ongoing court proceedings) may contact:

Transcript Services
Ph: (306) 787-4210

Court Transcript Request Forms are available at all court offices. Completed forms, or a letter requesting the transcripts, should be directed to:

Ministry of Justice & Attorney General
Transcript Services
Suite 901 - 9th Floor
2010 12th Avenue
Regina, SK S4P 4B3

Fax: 306-798-1388


Transcript Order Form
Universal Transcript Format (UTF) Manual for Transcript Production in Saskatchewan