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About the Court

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The Court of Queen's Bench consists of the Chief Justice and 32 other judges. Queen's Bench judges are appointed by the federal government.

Eight of the nine judicial centres in Saskatchewan have one or more resident Queen's Bench Justices. A resident judge spends the majority of his or her time in their home judicial centre. However, because the Court of Queen's Bench is an itinerant court, the judges also travel to and sit in other judicial centres. This allows the Court to effectively use court facilities and to ensure that no judicial centre experiences a backlogged caseload.

The Family Law Division of the Court of Queen's Bench operates in the Judicial Centres of Saskatoon, Regina and Prince Albert. The Family Law Division hears all family law matters relating to divorce, custody and access, property division and maintenance enforcement. The Justices assigned to the Family Law Division spend the majority of their time hearing matters within that Division, but they also hear other matters that come before the Court of Queen's Bench. Similarly, the other Justices of the Court, on occasion, hear Family Law Division matters.


Jennifer Fabian, Q.C.
Registrar/Executive Legal Officer
Court of Queen's Bench for Saskatchewan
Ph: (306) 787-0472

Dawn Blaus
Communications Officer
Courts of Saskatchewan
Ph: (306) 787-9602

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