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Henry W. Newlands

The Honourable Henry W. Newlands

sm newlands

1904 - 1907   Justice of the Supreme Court of the North-West Territories
1907 - 1918   Justice of the Supreme Court of Saskatchewan
1918 - 1921   Justice of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal

Henry W. Newlands was born in 1862 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He was admitted to the Nova Scotia Bar in 1883 and moved to Prince Albert in 1885. He practiced law in Prince Albert until 1897, when he was appointed Inspector of Land Titles Offices for the North-West Territories. This appointment required him to move to Regina. In 1897, Mr. Newlands also became a legal advisor to the Yukon Council in the days of the Gold Rush.

In January 1904, Mr. Newlands was appointed to the Supreme Court of the North-West Territories. In 1907, he was appointed to the Supreme Court of Saskatchewan. While a member of the Court, Justice Newlands sat on the Royal Commission that looked into the consolidation of statutes and ordinances and on a public inquiry into certain school contracts. He became a member of the Court of Appeal when it formed in 1918. He left the Court in 1921 to serve as Lieutenant-Governor of Saskatchewan. He served two successive terms, from 1921 to 1931. His later years were spent in Ontario, where he died in 1954.

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