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Saskatoon Small Claims Project

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On a project basis in February 2012, the Judicial Centre of Saskatoon developed an information package to guide lawyers and self-represented litigants alike concerning Small Claims procedure in its Judicial Centre. The package has been simplified and is now being made available electronically.

The procedure and forms available here, while similar in many respects to the procedure throughout Saskatchewan, is for use in the Judicial Centre of Saskatoon only.

Actions are organized in three categories. The category determines the procedure:

1. Claims over $5,000.00,
2. Claims for $5,000.00 or less, and
3. Motor Vehicle Claims

Checklists for Plaintiffs and Defendants in each of these categories provide information you are most likely to need. If you have further questions after reviewing the Checklist applicable to your type of claim, please go to the detailed Practice Guide. Small Claims office staff may also assist you. Legal advice may be obtained from a lawyer.

The Simplified Trial Project, applicable to claims for $5,000 or less and motor vehicle claims, has enabled the Court to provide early trial dates. Other practices were adopted to insure timely and full disclosure of information and promote effective and efficient case management and trial.

Materials listed below were prepared for use in Small Claims Court in the Judicial Centre of Saskatoon.


The Checklists are the starting point. These quick guides to the process as a Plaintiff or Defendant list commonly used forms and samples at the end of each Checklist. These materials are available for downloading under Forms and Samples below. Begin with the Checklist as a Plaintiff or Defendant that is appropriate to your claim:



Judges' Orders and Court Forms

Saskatoon Small Claims Practice Guide

This is a general guide to Small Claims practice in the Saskatoon Judicial Centre. It incorporates the checklist information and adds to it. Once you have downloaded the Guide, you may quickly access topics by opening the bookmarks and double clicking on the headings. The Table of Contents is provided to give you an idea of the breadth of topics covered in the Guide.