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Fredrick W. G. Haultain

The Honourable Sir Fredrick W. G. Haultain


1912 - 1938   Chief Justice of Saskatchewan

Frederick William Haultain was born of military parents in Woolwich, England, on November 26, 1857. His parents emigrated to Canada in 1861. He attended the University of Toronto and was admitted to the Ontario Bar in 1882.

Mr. Haultain practised law at Fort Macleod and was active in politics. In 1888 he became a member of the Legislative Council and in 1897 he became the Premier of the Northwest Territories. In 1905 he led Saskatchewan's Opposition "Provincial Rights'" party which sought greater provincial control over land, resources and development.

At forty-nine years of age (1906) Haultain secretly married a divorcee, Marian M. Castellian. Afraid of public condemnation for such a marriage, he left politics.

Haultain was appointed Saskatchewan's second Chief Justice upon the retirement of The Honourable E.L. Wetmore in 1912. He retained this position when the court system was reorganized to provide for a trial court and a separate appeal court in 1918. He presided over the Appeal Court until his retirement in 1938. The Honourable Frederick Haultain died four years later.

Chief Justice Martin, his successor, said of him, "No judge in Western Canada was held in higher esteem by his brothers of the bench and the members of the bar". Haultain Elementary School, located on Edgar Street in Regina, was named after the Honourable F.W. Haultain.

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